What does it mean to be a recruiter?

People have been encouraging me to write a blog for some time, and I kept thinking, “What do I have to share?” People know what recruiting is. Then today, I literally ran into my idea for this first posting.

It was a typical Friday morning for me. I was on my way to work and running errands before I went to the office. I was coming out of the bank and ran into my eleventh grade Math teacher ( who I have not seen in five or seven years). He is a powerful looking man, with the strongest hands I ever have seen. He taught me Calculus. In life, when you think back, there are certain people that are influencers or great teachers that help you along the way. To me, Mr. Meyers was one of those great people. He was an excellent teacher, understood his trade very well, always pushed his students to their highest potential (we always had homework) and believed you could do what you set your mind to.

Math did not come easily to me. I really had to work on passing the state test at the end of the year. Through Mr. Meyers’ coaching (and I think I gave him a few grey hairs), I was able to pass the exam and overcome a huge hurdle.

After running into him, it hit me. What I do as a recruiter is coach clients and candidates on the recruitment process.

Recruiters help the candidate by educating them on the hiring process, what the company does, and how this will help their overall career. Many candidates today think too short-tem about how much more money they could make or what their new title will be. They frequently do not think far enough into the future and how this potential job will help them achieve their overall career goals.

Recruiters help their clients by educating them on not only the value of candidates’ skills, but also their ability to fit into the company culture. On the client side, I educate the client on the market, what trends I am seeing, what the candidates are saying and what the market will bear from a compensation perspective. But, most of all, I educate them on the best candidate for the job.

Our company just brought on two new folks: a Junior Recruiter and a Researcher. I forgot how much fun it is to teach new people about what we to do and how it feels at the end of the day when we make a successful match between a candidate and a client.

That is the best part of being a teacher or a coach . . . when you see people that you care about achieving the success they deserve.


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