A Marketing plan for your job search

I have spoken with many people over the last couple of weeks who are in the process of starting their job search. Many are nervous or unsure on how to make themselves stand out in this market. Looking for a new job is a job within its self. You need to be organized, focused, and have a plan.

Let’s start with the obvious: update your resume. Make sure your resume is concise, not too many pages, easy to read, and in a usable format. Most organizations scan resumes with software to begin with, so you want to ensure that your most important accomplishments are within the first bullet points. I think it is also helpful to include a brief summary of what each company you worked for does. For example, “Whiting Consulting is a boutique recruiting company that focuses on the high tech space.”  In this example, the prospective employer now knows two things: this person worked for a recruiting company and has high-tech recruiting experience.

Second, you need to be seen within the marketplace. With so many companies using the Internet to look for future employees, ensure that you have your resume out in different areas. I would still recommend posting your resume within the traditional job boards, like Monster (www.monster.com) and Career Builder (www.careerbuilder.com). But more importantly, also ensure to leverage the current social media bandwagon. Many companies and recruiters are spending more of their time reviewing candidates on LinkedIn (www.linkedIn.com), Facebook (www.Facebook.com), and Twitter (www.twitter.com); these sites also usually have a location where you can note that you are looking for work.

In addition, leverage your personal network, alumni association, and local community groups to hear about new opportunities within the work area in which you are looking. Research blogs or articles written about the field you are looking to get into and join the conversation; this is another way to get your name heard within the space.

Finally, put together a way for you to track where you have submitted your resume and who you have spoken with about a role. I would use a combination of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a calendar. Track who you have spoken with, when you submitted your resume, and create reminders on when to follow-up on status.

Keep in mind, having a goal and then a plan to move you towards that goal is a big step in the battle. Stay persistent and focused and do not forget those experience you’ve had that differentiate yourself from others.

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