Take The Stress Right Out Of The Room


In speaking with many friends, candidates, and clients lately, I hear and feel the pressure and stress we are all under today.  This market is something we have never experienced before, and it is difficult to prepare ourselves for the unknown. I was reading an interesting article that surveyed 164 companies with over 3000 employees, and the results were staggering.  88 percent of employers are worried about stress in the workplace.  Nine out of 10 companies feel that this tough economy has a negative affect on the stress level of their employees.

How can a company counter this feeling of stress created by fear of the unknown? I was speaking with a person who attended a Quarterly Leadership Meeting. One of the senior executives came into the room, looked around, and could see and feel the stress that everyone was feeling. He then demonstrated a great quality of leadership; instead of ignoring the 500 pound Gorilla in the room, he addressed it straight up. He stated, “Right here, right now, let’s take the stress out the room.” He effectively communicated to the audience that everything with the company was okay; their jobs were stable and he wanted to remove the stress and fear to enable his employees to concentrate on the tasks at hand… therefore enabling them to be successful. My friend left the meeting with a huge weight off his shoulders and a renewed sense of purpose.  He was better-able to concentrate on the projects that needed to be completed.

The “unknown” always generates fear. I, myself, am a worrier by nature, and I dislike the unknown. I am a planner, and I always like to know what is going to happen next. If companies are constantly communicating with their employees the good with the bad, at least the employees have an idea of where things are headed and can make a plan.

By proactively communicating with your staff and having them trust that you will give them the information that they need to know, you will help alleviate the stress in the work environment.


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