How Social Media Helped Kyle Flaherty Find His Next Job

I had the opportunity to catch up with Kyle Flaherty last week about his recent job search. I have known Kyle for a couple of years, and we have been keeping in touch through Facebook and Twitter. Kyle was actually one of the first people to explain to me the world of SEO and SEM.
One day a month or so ago, I was logging into Facebook and saw that Kyle posted a video link from the local news. He states “My Austin television debut, ugh.” Naturally that peaked my interest. As it played I learned that Kyle heard about his new job through Twitter. The piece highlights how companies have really increased market awareness through this new tool. I was aware that Kyle started a new opportunity(through his comments and tweets) but was really excited to learn how. So I gave Kyle a call to see if he was open to sharing his story.
To give you a little background on Kyle he has been working in the Marketing/PR space for the past 11 years. He has worked both for an agency as well as in-house within the technology sector. He has a passion for PR; so much so he started his own blog five years ago at
Kyle told me when he started his job search he chose to blog about it. He wrote a post about the 5 characteristics he was looking for in his next role. One of his friends and former colleagues, Laura Beck of Porter Novelli (@laurabeck on Twitter), read the blog and knew of a company that was looking. Laura passed Kyle’s name along to the VP Marketing at Breakingpoint, Pam O’Neal (@poneal on Twitter) The VP saw that Kyle was an active user of Twitter so she decided to approach him via the tool and sent him a Direct Message (I love that aspect of the site).
Within a couple of days Kyle was flying down to the organization to meet the team. Throughout the recruitment process the VP kept in touch with Kyle via Twitter letting him know about events that were going on and what was happening with the organization. It was a great way for them to stay in touch and for Kyle to get updates.
I asked Kyle what he feels is the best social media tool to leverage during a job search and he feels that Linkedin is the top. It allows you to network from a geographical perspective and to see who is within your network at other organizations and then leverage those relationships. He states in today’s market its imperative to have an address out on Google. Companies need to be able to find you on the web so it is really important to have your profile updated on Linkedin. Kyle said he views his profile on Linkedin as his on-line resume.
I talked to Kyle about how people are nervous about starting to blog or commenting in the blogosphere. They feel no one is going to be interested in what they are doing or have to say. Kyle makes a good point, in that a blog is not about you – it’s about what you are passionate about. After thinking about this for a minute I would have to agree. Once I got over my nervousness of starting to put my thoughts out there and really think about what I am passionate about it makes blogging so much easier. I am passionate about helping organizations and candidates find a match.
Kyle continued by telling me that it’s important to blog or use tools like Twitter when you are in a job search because they are like cover letters. He leveraged his tweets and his blog to let companies know what he was up to and what he was looking for.
Kyle also mentioned how, on Linkedin for example, it’s important to engage with the various groups within your industry. He explained that his current company is very specialized when it comes to technology and that they monitor certain technical groups to see who is participating in the conversations. This allows them to engage with those folks to see if they would be interested in Breakingpoint.
I want to thank Kyle for sharing his story. It is a testament to a new way of developing a career. His use of Social Media tools is an important lesson for anyone in the job market today.     Watch The Video


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