New York New York

nycLast week I was in NYC visiting clients and attending a branding meeting. I try to make it down to the city a couple times a year to connect with everyone. So I started my journey the day after NYC experienced a “snow day” for the first time in YEARS! I was so nervous that my plane was not going to take off on time from Rochester. To my surprise, my flight was 30 minutes early which allowed me to get to the hotel before my day of meetings began.
I have to say, my husband is on a great roll picking hotels lately. I had a wonderful hotel on Lexington and 34th Street. My room was bigger than many NYC apartments, complete with a small kitchen. I started the trip off by having a wonderful lunch with a PR firm. We were celebrating 5 years of working together. Boy, time flies when you are having fun! I was able to catch up with the folks that I placed there – which is always so nice. I was not quick enough though to get a group photo before they were all on the phone again! I love the upbeat atmosphere at this company, they have a great space with a tremendous amount of light that just makes you want to stay and work there!
Then I had a meeting with the organization about branding for our company. I was amazed at what we put together within an hour. It was nice to see an organization at work and what goes into putting a PR plan in place – stay tuned to our new branding efforts.
Then I was off downtown to meet with a software client of mine. It was wonderful to see all my friends, and talk about what is facing them within the marketplace. It was great to brainstorm about issues that employees and companies are facing and what information people want to hear. We agreed that more positive information needs to be shared in the world right now. Then back uptown to a great coffee shop. In all, I probably visited 8 coffee shops throughout the city during my week. This place is smaller than my office, but had a wonderful bakery and great cup cakes. I took the strawberry one! I had a wonderful conversation with a VP of Technology at a PR company, we have known each other since 2006, but this is the first time we met in person. It was great to have an opportunity to put a face to the name and we had a great walk back to 34th Street even though the wind was howling at 30 miles an hour and it was 10 below. We had a great conversation on how to leverage social media within the business space. Then back to the hotel for a good night’s rest.
Wednesday was a full day. I woke up tan from the wind the previous day. I was very excited to learn that there would be no wind that day. I do not think I could survive another day of that extreme weather. Even though I live in Upstate, I do not walk anywhere; everything is by car, and I have the heater on 80! I started the day off meeting the Director of Marketing for a software organization. She is a person that I have had the opportunity to work with many times. She is always full of energy and has a positive outlook. It was great hearing her perspective. Then off downtown again to meet up with a VP of Implementation for another software company. We talked about how to continue to provide quality service to clients in these economic times. Then……..a little shopping. I have to confess I cannot go to NYC and not shop!
After lunch I visited another software organization. It was great seeing their new space, very modern with a lot of exposed brick. I had a delightful time at a wonderful Cafe where all the food looked lovely, and met with a client of mine of 6 years. She is one of my best sales people and I am forever grateful. I also met with the Director of Marketing too, and learned how to leverage Twitter and social media – which is definitely a trend in conversations from all my clients. Back to the hotel for a meeting and a drink and looked forward to settling in for the night……..wait! I haven’t even logged in to check email yet!
Thursday was my last day, it was a beautiful, almost spring day and my appointment was on Wall Street. My drive to the financial district by the river was lovely. The sun shimmered on the water, making the light in my incredibly herky-jerky cab dance. I tend to get car sick, so riding in the back seat of a cab is not one of my favorite things! It was my final meeting for the day, a new company, but a contact I have been working with for 5 years. It was a great company, you could really feel the energy within the organization which is so great to see and feel. Plus, the view from their office was breathtaking. If I worked there I wouldn’t get any work done. I would be too busy watching the world go by on the water.
From my meeting with different organizations in different industries, a couple of themes came out of our conversations. First is that every dollar counts right now. People are looking at ways to develop new sales opportunities and leverage social media to help them promote their organizations. I also realized that in this time of uncertainty, people are still looking for the positive. We must continue to do this, and rely on the innovation that has always made us great.


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