Test your Network…..

My kids were home Friday from school so I was catching up on some reading. I love the magazine Fast Company, and was excited that my local Wegman’s is carrying it now. I was reading an article called ‘What Should I Do with My Life Now?” and a bi-line within the article caught my eye. It was about a start-up called UpMo, www.upmo.com, talking about Upward Mobility in your career. Their application, which is in beta, can help you further define your career path and see where you need to further develop your network. Since networking is on so many people’s minds, and I just finished writing an article on the topic, I decided to try it out. The survey and results are currently free. It took about 5 minutes – you answer some interesting questions to determine how you would react in certain situations like, if someone passed you a resume of a friend of a friend, what would you do? Then it immediately scores the viability of your network to support you….So when I pressed enter I have to say I was a little nervous to see how I did. Well it turns out that my network does support me (but I already knew thatJ).

Then it gives you feedback on how to further develop your network. I found the feedback very helpful. Even though I work in a job where I am always networking, there are things that I can always improve. Without your network you cannot be successful. So if you have an extra 5 minutes try it out and see how your network rates.


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