Kyle James Uses Social Media to Find a Home at HubSpot

I have been reading HubSpot’s blog for about a year now. They share some great information on how to blog, develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy and increase your overall web presence. One of their posts by Kyle James caught my eye. In his blog, he shared how he leveraged social media and his own blog to help land his current role as an Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot. I was excited to hear about someone who was able to leverage their social network and technology to further their career. I reached out to Kyle’s boss to see if I could speak with Kyle and have him further share his story.

Kyle was so generous to take time out of his Friday morning to speak with me about his experience. Currently, as a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Consultant, Kyle helps companies improve their inbound marketing plan through leveraging various tools on the internet. Prior to working at HubSpot, Kyle was a Webmaster for a liberal arts college in South Carolina and also founder of the blog: which is now a leading forum regarding internet marketing in the Education space.

The first thing I wanted to know was how Kyle landed his new job at HubSpot. He stated that back in 2008 one of his New Year’s Resolutions was to start blogging and building his personal network. It was through this aspiration that .eduguru was born and over time has grown to over 1000 readers. So, one day in April 2008, while having a bad day at work (we have all had those, right?) Kyle came across a blog by HubSpot highlighting their tools. He had been using a free HubSpot solution at the college called Website Grader and read about an opening on a job board at HubSpot so he applied. After doing a little research on the web about Kyle the CIO of HubSpot gave him a call and they began having regular conversations. Kyle started performing some part-time consulting for them and the first of this year moved to Boston for a full-time position with the company. Kyle chronicles his own journey from South Carolina to Cambridge, MA at

I asked Kyle what social networking tool he liked best. He stated “all of them.” What he learned moving to HubSpot is how important it is to have a presence throughout the web in multiple locations. He talked about the importance of using all the available tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flicker, etc to get the proper exposure.

Kyle and I also discussed starting a blog. He mentioned you first have to find the subject that you are passionate about. Once you have that, you need to start reading everything that is out there regarding that subject. Then, start engaging in the conversation by commenting and responding to blogs or twitter. Think about what you know, and how that information might be unique and also useful to someone else. Once you have that, start writing a blog or two on that.

Just remember, so much can come from having a bad day at work and checking out a simple blog. It brought one man all the way from South Carolina to Massachusetts! Leverage all the tools available to you to increase your visibility as this will have an impact on finding your next position.


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