Who Is Your Next Customer?

When your company is hiring you have an opportunity to meet and exchange information with many people about your organization. In many ways this can be considered another marketing channel for your business. Have you ever taken a step back and thought about a potential employee’s experience with your company based on their perceptions from the interviewing process? This can be a VERY valuable exercise.

Often times, candidates are frustrated by the “black hole” of applying for positions or going in for an interview and never hearing back. Think about the last interview you went on when that happened to you. How did that make you feel?

I was reading a great article in The New York Times called Be Nice to Job Seekers. (They’re Shoppers, Too.) Preoccupations – Be Nice to Job Candidates. (They’re Also Consumers.) – NYTimes.com. The article spoke about two very well known brands that had made recent changes to their recruitment process. Both Southwest Airlines and Nabisco identified that they needed to treat candidates rather special because in the case of Nabisco, “Everyone eats cookies.”

When looking at your recruitment process you need to consider it as another channel to push your brand out into the marketplace. Companies that can identify this and make slight changes in the process will see many benefits in the long run.

Find a way to take that extra time and respond to that candidate and provide feedback. Going that extra mile will stand out in that person’s mind and you will never know when they could be your next client.

I know first hand that this process does work, I have been fortunate to have candidate’s become clients and it is a very rewarding experience.


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