Is The Customer Experience Dead?

Front of WaterlilyIs The Customer Experience Dead?

When is the last time you made a purchase or had a business interaction and you were blown away? We as a culture are more apt to talk about what went wrong with a purchase or dealings with a company than what went right.

As companies continue to cut costs and employees get added responsibilities, there is the possibility that the customer experience will suffer.

I love to shop. It’s my biggest vice. Before the recession when I went into a store no one said “Hi” and you would practically have to stand on your head to get attention. Now, since retail sales are so low that experience has changed. Sales associates flock to me like moths to the flame. But, is it genuine? Will it endure when the economy turns around? We’ll see.

Several weeks ago I was invited for a lunch lesson on cosmetics; another one of my vices! It took place at my friend’s day spa, Waterlily, The owners, Beth and Craig Gamble, spend a tremendous amount of time working with their staff on the customer experience. Not a single need goes unsatisfied when you are there. They make you feel like a queen and they ensure you leave with an experience that will bring you back for more.

I ask myself, “How do they do this so well?” I think the answer lies in the Gambles teaching their employees to be genuine. It is prevalent with every employee and every interaction; whether it’s being greeted by Brie when you walk in the front door or when you are being escorted into the calming quiet room for a bit of mental down time. I cannot help but feel that these employees truly care about my experience. That type of care comes from the top and comes with constant reinforcement.

I have learned a lot from Beth and Craig over the years about how to make the customer experience a top priority for my company, and it starts by being genuine. They also talk about “Rolling out the Red Carpet” for their customers. In doing research for this blog I came across a Blogger by the name of Bruce Temkin, he is a Researcher for Forrester. His blog is called Experience Matters, . He has great stats about how organizations that embrace a positive customer experience yield more revenue as well as more loyal customers.

Take a moment and walk in your client’s shoes. How do they feel the moment they start an interaction with your organization through completion of the sales cycle? Are their needs met before they ask? Do they feel like a king or queen when they leave the building or hang up the phone? As Bruce states: “Customer service attracts loyal customers.”

If you are ever in Rochester, NY check out Waterlily or see them on line at and walk their red carpet.


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