Rochester, NY Rocks in Social Media

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Social Media Today (#SM2Day) Conference in my hometown of Rochester, NY. It was a very informative, thought provoking day that reaffirmed my belief in this great city.

The two highlights of the day were to hear from Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO for Kodak, and learn about all the wonderful things Kodak is doing within the social media space. Jeffrey shared with us how social media is a key part of their strategy to improve their brand and drive revenue for the company. Jeffrey is one of the leading executives using Twitter and it was refreshing to see a traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturer like Kodak embrace this new culture to help drive their business. It became easy to see why Jeffrey was chosen to lead this charge because he was knowledgeable, engaging and extremely funny.

Then Chris Brogan shared his perspective about social media. I have been following Chris for the past 2 years. As a business owner, I find the information he shares invaluable. He talked about how listening is the new “black.” Chris told us that in order to engage your community its imperative to provide quality, not quantity. What I like about Chris is his ability to make the presentation “real” for everyone there. I had the opportunity to chat with him briefly later in the day and even got his autograph on my copy of his book, Talent Agent.

The rest of the day brought us great panel discussions. We got to hear from Jenny Cisney, the Chief Blogger for Kodak, who shared her key insights on how Kodak is leveraging their blog. Juli Klie represented Digital Rochester. It was great to hear that the group is over 5000 members!

It made be proud to be part of a great city. Rochester has a tremendous amount of wonderfully innovative businesses and people. The conference was time very well spent.


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  1. It was a wonderful conference, and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Rochester. What a wonderful city and fantastic community of people! I’m an online friend of Ana and Yvonne’s and came to the conference from Pittsburgh. It was great!

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