We have Exciting News


Wow, I cannot believe it is a new year. Last year just flew by and I am sitting here getting myself ready for the first full week of 2010. As we enter our ninth year of business I am getting excited about the year ahead.

We have some good news! At the end of last year I decided that we needed to expand and bring on another recruiter. In November I was listening to the Bill Boorman show, on blog talk radio. I was introduced to Bill through Twitter @BillBoorman and met him in Toronto this past fall at #recruitfest09. The topic of the show that day was your LinkedIn presence and one of the guests was Stephen Moyer, a senior at Wilkes University, who was graduating in December and WANTED to be a recruiter. I have never heard of a person right out of school that was looking to join our profession.

Then I would see comments Stephen (@stephen_moyer) would make with other peers out on Twitter like Karla Porter (who he was interning for) and the @Animal.

I reached out to Stephen via Twitter and we scheduled conversations and he eventually came to Upstate, NY for a more in-depth interview. I found it a little funny that it only seems to snow here lately when Stephen is in transit from PA.

We are very excited to have Stephen join the Whiting Consulting family as a recruiter; he has an Electrical Engineering background and will be working more of our Technical positions. He has a keen interest in social media which he will further leverage here.

So this leads to our next piece of exciting news in that we are opening an office this year. I live in a college town in Upstate, NY and the office is on our town’s Main Street. This is a great area of town and is in walking distance to the college, which will have a positive impact on our internship program. The office will open mid Feb so for the time being we are in temporary space in the building until the new space is available.

So when you have a few minutes introduce yourself and shoot off an email to Stephen Moyer at smoyer@whitingconsulting.com or out on Twitter @stephen_moyer.

It is amazing how when you leverage your community what it can do for you. Here is to an exciting 2010! We will let you know when the open house will be.


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  1. Congratulations to the entire Whiting Consulting family on your expansion, new location and addition of Stephen to your staff. Amazingly, it hasn’t snowed since he left. ~Karla

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