Do you have a Social Media Policy?


This weekend my homework assignment was to develop a Social Media Policy for our company. At first this seemed like a daunting task since I never had to create one before. I turned to my friend Google for some help.
If I have one take away from last year (and I have many) it is the importance of social media to any business, especially recruiting. I have spoken about this on many of my blogs that social media is one of the key tools that I use today to be successful in recruiting.
As our company grows this year, others will be speaking about Whiting Consulting and the projects and opportunities we are working on; I have to say it is a little scary letting go and exciting at the same time. I am so looking forward to having help spreading the word about all the great opportunities were are working on, and not the sole person that blogs or tweets or researches for good content. But letting someone else talk about the brand you have so carefully developed and cultivated was a bit hard for me to do. However, letting go is part of growing up, thus developing a great policy to leverage others perspectives’ is necessary.
Companies today need to leverage social media and encourage their workforce to spread the word about what a wonderful place your company is to work. Think of all the talent officers you would have if you put together an effective social media policy allowing your employees to share why they joined your company and how much fun they are having working for your firm.
So if you are like me and finding yourself putting a policy together on a cold January morning here are a couple of great resources to help you. Social Media today put together a great list of organizations’ social media and blogging policies to review at Also, a Jennifer McClure post on November 12, 2009 references some additional information to review regarding social media policies within an organization
Enjoy the social media wave of information and sharing and engaging with the great community.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to you Chernee for taking the lead in creating a social media policy for your company! It’s one of those things that many companies are ignoring or putting off until they actually have an issue. Much better to put some guidelines in place up front and train employees on how social media CAN be used versus how not to use it!

    • Thanks Jennifer for all your great insight out on Twitter as well as through your blogs. You were one of the first people I started to follow a year ago, and have learn so much from you! Have a great Friday!

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