Software Developer (NYC area)

Description and Responsibilities

Whiting Consulting is searching for a Software Developer for our client. Developers are responsible for building and maintaining the systems and applications for all company products and functionality. Developer responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following, which ensure timely development of quality software: Selecting and implementing efficient algorithms; Writing clear, well-documented, and bug-free code; Participating in code reviews (of their code and that of others); Ensuring adequate testing of all code; and Responding promptly to all job tickets.

Skills: Technical Competence

  • Shows basic understanding of Company architecture and the Company service, including tools and resources (ticketing systems and analytical tool sets).
  • Demonstrates basic problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in C/C++ (or other team-specific programming languages). Codes effectively in the Company environment. Uses efficient algorithms.
  • Skills: Domain Knowledge

  • Shows basic understanding of the firm and the Company business.
  • Shows excellent understanding of structure and technologies underlying Company products in the team-specific domain.
  • Skills: Software Engineering

  • Shows solid understanding of role in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Follows good coding and design standards in the implementation, testing, and maintenance of Company code and systems.
  • Skills: Management & Leadership

  • Demonstrates effective time management skills.
  • Skills: Communication

  • Communicates well with others and exchanges information promptly and effectively to complete tasks.
  • Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills in English in documentation, code comments, status reports, ticket logs, and MSGs.
  • Skills: Interpersonal

  • Respects and maintains cooperative and professional working relationships with peers, other teams, and business sponsors. Considers the opinions and feelings of others.
  • Skills: Responsibility/Work Ethic

  • Exhibits a results-oriented, “get-it-done” attitude with the capacity to follow through on tasks in a timely, responsible manner. Follows directions and procedures, with close attention to detail. Shows willingness to go the “extra mile” and take initiative independently. Displays enthusiasm and drive in tackling assignments.
  • Skills: Customer Focus

  • Effectively responds to internal and external customer requests and concerns; listens, analyzes, and promptly resolves concerns and requirements. Offers timely responses to requests and questions. Builds credibility with business sponsors and peers.
  • Productivity: Timeliness

  • Accurately estimates task timelines, efficiently manages own time, and aggressively meets deadlines. Delivers complex code quickly with the minimal amount of time needed. Copes with and adjusts to time constraints easily.
  • Productivity: Difficulty

  • Works independently on all tasks. Learns and makes use of new, unfamiliar technologies with little to no “ramp up” time. Handles all types of code well, including complex, poorly documented, and poorly structured code.
  • Productivity: Quality

  • Writes well-structured and consistently formatted code that follows R&D coding standards and practices. Participates regularly in code reviews. Anticipates code areas that are difficult to test and uses debugging logic and metrics to address and resolve them.
  • Apply by sending your resume to


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