How to Follow you … One Tweet Away

Since the last post on F.R.E.E. was very popular I would like to show people how I have been going about using it to meet people in my new hometown area and will be discussing each letter and how I used it. I am not just going to tell you but I will show you! Having recently relocated 250 miles away from where I grew up has left me at a disadvantage in my social life. Now, thanks to social media, I have another avenue that I can use to help bridge the gap of stranger to local. One of the tools that I have used is Twellow allows you to sort through Twitter users by location as well as interests.

1.Load up

 2. Click on Twellowhood

3. Narrow down the location you are looking for by clicking on your location and narrowing in on your location and then by selecting the city you want in this list here

4. Sort through your results:

As you can see, finding people in the Rochester area was not hard but trying to sort through ones that I wanted to follow took some time but it was worth it. My tactic was to start following a few people in the area and do a bit of lurking before I engaged them. Lurking includes Re-tweeting

This will repost the tweet that is selected. This allows the new people you follow to know that you are not just looking to follow them to raise your numbers but to make that social connection.
Engaging and entertaining the users you found and ensuring that the people I found are working for me in my twitter feed than just clogging it will be next weeks topic!

This is a guest post by Stephen Moyer – Recruiter at Whiting Consulting.


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