Do Your Homework!!!

One time or another in our lives we have heard our Mother say “Don’t forget to do your homework!” This phrase applies to our business lives as well. My kids are constantly saying to me “you are so lucky you don’t have to do homework!” But I explain to them that in my job I have to do homework every day, whether that is researching a new skill set, client or candidate.
In the current job climate doing your homework as a candidate is more important than ever when it comes to presenting your resume to a hiring organization.
It is no surprise that there is more supply than demand. Therefore, candidates need to stand out in every step of the recruiting process.
Here are a couple of suggestions as a hiring manager that I like to share when a candidate applies for a position:
1. When submitting your resume don’t have it look like SPAM. I currently receive over 300 resumes a week for positions that I am sourcing for. I would have to say 98% of the candidates do not take the time to research the position, or our organization, or even address me by name. Take the time if you are submitting your resume to a company to research the position, and who the hiring manager is. Use tools like LinkedIn, Google or Zoom info to do your research. I know this sounds like a little thing however, it will make your resume stand out and remember the other thing your Mother used to say: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”
2. There is a lot of conversation amongst my peers about whether the cover letter is “dead”. I am not a firm believer of a cover letter and here is why: Most people that are receiving the resumes are not the hiring managers. They are sourcers and are there to review your resume for key words; so when presenting your resume use the email as a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your interest in the position. Short and sweet is my motto.
3. Once you have submitted your resume and it has been a week or so, follow-up with the person that you submitted your resume to. This will put your name in front of the organization one more time – if they are receiving hundreds of resumes they will then search to see if your resume will meet the qualifications for the position they are hiring for.
Though these seem like common sense, many candidates are blending in when submitting their resume or not taking the time to show the organization that they are interested in this role. Make sure that your resume stands out from the pack. What strategies have your leveraged in your job search to get your resume recognized? It is the little things that can, and do, set you apart from the masses. Ensure that you do not lose sight of those little things!

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