What works for one person may not work for another….

This past week I had the honor of being a guest participant on the Animal Blog Talk Radio Show www.recruitinganimalshow.com. I would have to say I was nervous and had to just sit and be totally quiet for 10 minutes before it started, while my heart was going 200 beats a minute. Once the show began I was able to somewhat calm my nerves and ended up having a lot of fun!
As I have mentioned in other postings this past year I have had the opportunity to engage with great folks within the recruiting world through Twitter. I met Animal while attending Recruitfest09 this past fall. I had a wonderful conversation with him in the hotel lobby as I was getting ready to head back to the office.
What I loved about the show this past week is being able to have great conversations with folks like Animal, Jerry Albright, Geoff Peterson and the like …..
My opinion on recruiting, as I shared in on the show, is that it is not rocket science, but you need to find what style works best for you. In my job, what works for me is being real, transparent and honest. I always try to operate with a real sense of urgency and encourage great communication with my clients.
I have been a recruiter for many years and have seen that what works for one person might not work for the next. This observation has been reinforced in training my new recruiter. I can see that some of the processes that work for me, do not work for him the same way, and that we have had to work together to modify the approaches to ensure success. These little tweaks have led to 2 new hires this week!
To be successful in any job you need to be flexible, creative and understand that the process is ever changing. If you rely too much on the “way you have always done it” the world will quickly pass you by.
I think it is so much fun talking with people in our industry. For many years I was told it was taboo to speak with another recruiter, they might steal your secrets etc… That was a big mistake. I have so much to learn and listening to great shows like Animal or reading blogs by fellow recruiters and keeping up with tools like Twitter have made a tremendous difference in my performance. I will continue to use these tools in order to stay flexible and creative and ensure the world does not pass me by.

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