Adding Value to Your Tweets

I find it entertaining to speak with people who are “familiar” with using Twitter but have never actually used it. Often times when asked where they stand on the topic, most can find no real value in using Twitter. They believe that it’s just people posting irrelevant information about themselves and what they are doing.

I compare using social media to school. On the first day you get there and you don’t really know anyone except for maybe someone who lives on your street. Now you have one friend in your class or in Twitter terms, a person you are following. If you think about why your friends in school are your friends, it’s most likely because you share a common interest. It’s a lot easier to make friends in your class because you both share a mutual interest that you care about. So you should probably start off by finding people on Twitter who are interested in the same topics you are. Although, this technique can be quite dangerous! When you follow people who are posting interesting links about things you care deeply for, you may find yourself slowly becoming addicted to social interaction! (Gasp!)

Here are a few good ideas for finding people to follow, so that Twitter actually provides you with information:

Hashtags are great to follow conferences that have Twitter feeds set up or to follow a trending topic that interests you. I find that is an excellent source to help you decode what the #hashtag is referencing.
• Another way is to visit and use their simple search directory to find topics that interest you and others.
• The last and probably easiest to use is following people who are re-tweeted by the people you currently follow! Odds are you are going to find those people interesting as well!

In the end, don’t be hesitant to post links to articles and topics that you find interesting. As far as posting out what you are currently doing, I generally don’t post something that is trivial such as walking into another room. Now if you are walking into the other room to watch Iron Man 2 with the new 3-D glasses you bought, then yes, post that!

This post was written by Stephen Moyer, Recruiter at Whiting Consulting.

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