Admitting You’re Wrong is the New Vogue

Subconsciously, we have always been a society who is afraid to admit when we are wrong. Why do people worry so much about ego and the short-term results, rather than the long-term?

From experience, dealing with a business who forgot to mention a big piece of the equation in customer service, immediately changed my perception of their brand. According to KnowHR’s blog tip of the day on June 4th, when you lie, people are very perceptive and store it in their long-term memory. This will harm you and your brand in the long run with WOM spreading, especially with the rapid pace of social media. Once a negative detail comes out online about a brand, it’s hard to stop its effect until the company has to personally track it with social media and take immediate action.

This got me thinking about if more people admitted their wrongs in business, productivity in the workforce would increase and it would also create differentiation from the trust that you build as a brand to further end results.

When was the last time you heard from a businessperson, “Yes, I was wrong, I apologize,”? If you have heard it before, did it make you feel off guard and in disbelief? You then see the individual in a different light, and you develop respect for their action and it helps secure the bond of trust.

My recent personal experience involved LinkedIn thinking that I was spam. After contacting the LinkedIn team and getting no response back, I was getting impatient not being able to use my account (which is a very vital part of my day). I tweeted about my negative experience, and got a reply back from LinkedIn saying they were sorry for their mistake. I was blown away from their sudden response and honesty! When everything was fixed, I gave them kudos for their apology and gave them PR on Twitter for their openness in admitting they were wrong.

In my opinion, if you hold yourself accountable for every mistake, your customers will ultimately be satisfied and get drawn back into your brand. This will help establish the brand ahead of the competition by creating the strong sense of rivalry within the industry. Plus, you will just plain feel better! Your brand will be enhanced through PR from the gossip of your customers. It will give others a sense that they can trust you also, if they know what they’re getting out of you as a result.

So the next time you cross this situation, take the high road and let them know you truly made an honest mistake- it’s the new vogue.

Post written by Chernee Vitello, President at Whiting Consulting.

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