10 Qualities Employers Search For In a Candidate

Millennials- Here are the 10 ways to impress a future employer with the skills they look for in a candidate, according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers Research: Job Outlook 2010.

  1. Communication skills. Practice them before the interview. Employers want to hear clear and concise answers. For me, it’s easier to communicate all of my thoughts clearly in person. During my first phone interview, those clear communication waves were all chopped up, and it wasn’t the phone’s fault! The interviewer had to reword what I said after. I was horrified! Even if it’s on the phone, think slowly before you speak. Pauses are OKAY.
  2. Strong work ethic. Employers want their workers to be committed to what they do, and get the job done beyond expectations.
  3. Teamwork. Use the STAR method of answering interview questions that involve team projects. Don’t be afraid to give recognition to other team contributors during the interview. Don’t only focus on yourself. Add in how you have used leadership to successfully work in a team setting, and what challenges you had to overcome to get your end results. I recommend giving your results in number form, if possible, to really emphasize what you’ve accomplished.
  4. Initiative. Employers don’t want their Millennial workers to be slackers. Show your enthusiasm for completing any task given to you. Growing up as an athlete, I’ve become a very driven individual, and that’s what employers want. They want to know they can hire someone who can work with little supervision.
  5. Analytical skills. Employers want their workers to be able to identify key issues, do in-depth research for information, and streamline processes. Show up to the interview with company research done, and assess the night before what the company can do to be more successful in the future. Don’t criticize the company, but offer your value for long-term company growth and profit.
  6. Computer skills. Just about all Millennials know how to use a variety of computer applications and the internet really well. Be prepared to talk about what you can do with any programs that you’ve learned, and how they helped you in the past. If you feel you aren’t 100% comfortable with a program, be truthful and tell the interviewer there is always more to touch up on. Every employer wants to know they can count on a quick learner!
  7. Adaptability. Managers look for a prospective worker who can add value for their company by having the ability to adapt to new techniques, ideas, and projects. This is a very valued trait. It carries over into how CEO’s manage their business, because successful companies thrive on adaptability. Without it, there’s no hope for the company or its employees.
  8. Interpersonal skills. Are you a people person, or is it something you need some work on? Forming and keeping lasting relationships in business with other businesses or customers is the key in every career. Show the interviewer how well you can interact with small talk at the beginning of the interview. This is where you develop a trusting bond with an individual, which leads into how well you can influence someone after the initial meeting.
  9. Detail-oriented. By checking over your work, mistakes can be caught and benefit the company. Employers want someone with a keen eye to provide them with accurate data that won’t end up costing the company.
  10. Technical skills. Can you provide employers with your knowledge and content to be successful? These are the hard skills that are transferrable to every workplace. With more experience, you have more value to offer. Let them know how much you have to offer!

Now that you have all the secret ingredients for the standing out in the crowd, go out and develop a natural feel for these! Employers want you to be yourself. They look for someone who is passionate about the opportunity, hard-working to further their business, and above all…someone who is genuine.

Good luck on your path to your next career opportunity!

Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Assistant at Whiting Consulting.


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  2. […] 10 Qualities Employers Search For In a Candidate […]

  3. […] 10 Qualities Employers Search For In a Candidate […]

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