Yikes! I Have an Interview Tomorrow, What Do I Do?

Have you ever been scheduled for an interview at the last minute?  Now that interview is tomorrow? Stop everything you’re doing and FOCUS!

Perfect Your Resume.

For starters, double check your resume and make sure it’s up-to-date. Read through your resume word for word, and be ready to be asked any questions about the tiniest detail of your resume.

For example, I felt I was well prepared for my very first phone interview…so I thought. At the very bottom of my resume under my ‘Skills’ section, I had Adobe Photoshop. I was asked what I had done with the program. My issue- I hadn’t used it in over two years!  It’s something I never learned in business classes, but picked up from watching a friend.

If you think you’ll get stuck when asked a question about a detail on your resume, take it out.

Know what you want from this job.

Always go into an interview with a career goal in mind. Employers can’t figure it out for you. In just about half of my old interviews, I was asked the same question, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?” It’s scary to think about, because everyone thinks in the short-term point of view. But if you have a career goal already intact and a passion for the particular position, share it with the interviewer! Employers want to know that you think in the future with long-term goals. They want to see what you have to offer the organization, what’s important to you, your qualities, and your enthusiasm for their field.

Do your Homework.

The night before the interview, freshen up on the details of the company. Review their policies, company culture, and formulate questions. It helped for me to write down notes, and highlight the key areas of the business that I can relate, to further enhance value for the company. I placed these notes inside of my folder on top, so I can quickly take a peek at them to refresh my memory during the interview.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Go through a list of a few practice questions with a friend. It will help you organize your ideas ahead of time, so communication is clear the next day. This will also ease your nerves of what to expect for the interview, and your confidence will show from your effort put into the preparation!

What Weakness?

With every piece of information available to Millennials, I know we think we’re a generation that’s well informed and already knows how to handle running a business right out of college. An interview is all about your strengths, but be ready to answer what your main weaknesses are as well. Everyone has a weakness, and don’t be afraid to express yours because it can also be your strength.

Avoid the typical answer, “I’m a perfectionist.” Who isn’t these days? Think of a creative challenge that you’ve had with a previous experience. In the past, I’ve used the example of a semester I had a part-time job, an internship, and five business team projects going on at the same time. I explained my challenge of the stress from being overwhelmed, and then described how I overcame it with time management and organization. In the end, your weakness leads into a strength from the experience that can add value to your career life.

The interview is your spotlight and chance to make the best impression of yourself, because standing out should be your top priority. You have to know who you are and what you want before your big day. There’s no need to freak out! If you know yourself well enough with your skills and past experiences, be convinced that you can ultimately add benefit to a company by demonstrating to your next interviewer that you can make an immediate impact to the company. Walk into that the room with confidence, and with the passion for the position you’re about to win over!

Photo credit: Obsession of the Week

Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Assistant at Whiting Consulting.


4 Responses

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  2. The problem I always have is with the “Where do you want to be in X years?” question. With my background I have to apply for jobs that aren’t necessarily on my desired career track (part time, temporary, etc….) What I really want to be is a catalyst for change in a society that views GenY in a consistently terrible light through writing for film, television, books, blogs, etc….but this retail position would be great! Lol.

    • Chanelle,

      Thank you for your response and your sense of humor! When applying to any position, make sure you can connect what you want to gain from the position’s responsibilities/skills to your end goal. The connection should help you further attain that goal, and that’s a way of responding to the question: “Where do you want to be in X years?”

      Julie, @Jskow1

  3. That is what I’ve attempted to do. I’d link something about the job like interacting with people or managing others.

    I like to inject some humor into my commentary. It makes things more fun to read.

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