Are Your Candidates Feeling Love Like LeBron James?

I am not a big basketball fan unless I am watching SU College games. But last week I was watching the news and the LeBron James story caught my eye.

I am a firm believer that sports organizations know how to put together a good recruiting program. They understand the process and how to attract excitement and momentum into a search.

In this news story it showed how the various cities where pulling out all the stops to let LeBron know he was wanted; from the Governor of one state singing a song to billboards to movies stars helping out.

Organizations can learn a tremendous lesson by watching this recruitment process play out. First of all, look at all the buzz and excitement that is being pushed into the community. Now, I understand not all recruits will have this type of press but any positive press for a company throughout the process is valued.

Secondly, you want the candidate to feel loved and excited. It is basic human nature that we all like to feel appreciated and during this critical time for a candidate, this is really important. Companies need to think about how they are selling their company and position. Highlight why you the hiring manager joined the company and share your recent successes and wins. What are the challenges you are facing and how this candidate can help you solve these issues.

Make it personal. Show them around the office; take them to lunch or coffee so they can meet the team.

Even though the job market is tough and there are more candidates than jobs, the best candidates are still receiving multiple offers. Candidates have certain criteria they are looking for in their next company as well, so they should not have to do all the selling. Make sure you understand what the candidate’s pain points are and share with them why they will benefit from joining your firm.

Look at how NYC, Chicago and Cleveland are showing the love, energy and excitement on why they should be the city of choice for this candidate LeBron James. Make sure your candidate of choice feels the same love!!

Photo credit: Photobucket


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