7 Ways to Build Unbreakable Trust

Admit it. We’ve all did it before, even subconsciously- make snap judgments of people. First impression IS everything, but how do you convince a stranger away from the negative impressions and leave a trusting one? I heard author Nicholas Boothman speak on CBS Morning News about his book, Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less. Curious, I wanted to give it a read, and found that it gives the best advice for making those first few seconds of meeting someone into a lasting relationship builder.

Ever walk into an interview or a networking event and thought of any of the following:

-Just be yourself

-Don’t be nervous

-I hope they like me

If your mind only focuses on these few examples and not what you’re doing, it can start you off in the wrong direction for your first impression. By leveraging the seven pointers below from Nicholas Boothman that will all change!

1. Simple things first- always greet someone with a smile and eye contact. This gives the other person the sense that you are polite and can connect easily.

2. Boothman explains that you should face the person with your heart pointed toward theirs to create an openness feeling when speaking.

3. Always listen intently to show that you care, and develop more trust in the connection between each other.

4. To create a feeling of ease, match your tone and body language to the other person’s. They will feel immediately in the comfort zone with you, and will open the trust further.

5. Be aware of the signs that you give off with your body language. A small tip I always like to follow is from Disney’s Princess Diaries, when sitting don’t cross your legs. Just keep them aside, ankle to ankle. This will help you sit with a more enthusiastic posture.

6. Maintain a welcoming positive attitude emotionally with how you portray yourself, and verbally with steering away from everyday phrases that contain negative connotations. Boothman described that that the brain has to think of the particular behavior involved in the statement, and then translate it into the opposite meaning. For example, a habit I need to break is saying “No problem,” to people. Even though I mean every ounce of goodness, stay positive with “You’re welcome.”

7. Give people their personal space, because they can feel threatened if you intrude and break the positive impressions that built the trust.

After reading Boothman’s book, I gave it a test run myself. I was next in line at a register, and the cashier didn’t look up at me when she greeted me. I gave a warm and friendly ‘Hello’, and asked how she was doing. She felt a little down under the weather for being at work, so I changed my tone to feel bummed. I did some small talk with her about how she wasn’t missing anything working due to the inclement weather. It put a smile on her face. Now, I could’ve been like the majority of the customers and not have said a word or not made any eye contact. But how anti-social is that!? We’re made to INTERACT with one another. And you may never know who you may come across…

Keep these helpful hints in mind when meeting someone, and build the trust that will push snap judgments out of the way! They won’t even know what hit them! Gaining someone’s trust instantly in a business relationship is vital for your company, or for your personal brand in your career. Remember to stay enthusiastic and to mimic the other person’s actions and tone to fit right in and make a successful connection that they will trust.

Now go get your gear on, your head in the game, and give it a try!

Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Assistant at Whiting Consulting.

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