Chernee’s Fashion Picks: What to Wear for Interview Success

In my house we love watching TLC (The Learning Channel) from What’s Not To Wear to Cake Boss, etc. I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. I loved putting outfits together, looking to Vogue or my new favorite by People, called Style Watch!

Currently, more and more candidates are asking what the appropriate dress to wear on an interview is. In particular, candidates wonder how to dress when you know the company dress code is more casual in nature. So we all have those mornings that the closet ends up on the floor and you just can’t find a single thing to wear! Then put on the added pressure that you are going to your first interview knowing that in today’s world, first impressions are so important.

My advice to candidates is: for the first meeting it is better to dress up than down.

There are many options to choose from for creating your best look: classy, conservative, sophisticated, fun, simple, or trendy. There is no one correct style, but you can choose your outfit to be the best looking professional attire in town!

For the first interview, keep your outfit from being too trendy or loud to make the best first impression. Keep accessories to a minimum, so you or the interviewer won’t be distracted by the sound of bangles on the wrist clinking when you’re talking.

To prepare for a second interview, wear something a little more fun to express your personality, such as a dress instead of a suit. Keeping it professional and simple, my mom always said, “less is more!”

Julie and I had so much fun one Thursday afternoon going to the mall (one of my favorite pastimes) to look at all the great clothing options out there for folks. We put together some fun options to wear during the various stages of the interview process.

Browse through our pictures, and let us know your thoughts and tricks for interview dress success!

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