Your Career Journey: Avoid Thinking in Short-Term

A couple of months ago we wrote a blog “All About Passion with @garyvee and Steve Jobs.” We received a great comment back from an individual saying that as a recent college graduate, he would like to take a job that he was passionate about. The question remains if it’s a possibility in this economic climate.

I believe this person brings up an excellent point…I have been helping people along the hiring journey for a long time. Often, when a person receives one or multiple job offers, they are only thinking about the short-term gain (new job title, increase in salary, learning a new technology, etc).

My philosophy is to have candidates also look at the long-term effects:

-How will this job impact your overall career goals?

-What skills, opportunity, and competitive advantage you can take away from this position to further develop your career?

-Does this new opportunity positively impact your marketability moving forward?

So can every job you have, especially in the beginning of your career, be that ultimate job?  Will every job you have be one that fuels that passion each day?  Not always.

What you do need to think about is that your career is a journey, and every job you take needs to give you the skills to meet your overall goal.

If I look at my own journey, I knew from the time I was a little kid that I wanted to own my own business…I started out in high school working for a small business to understand what it takes to run one. Then, I fell into recruiting and realized my true passion- helping companies and people find each other…a perfect match.

When an opportunity came up to work for a startup as head of recruiting, I knew I was almost there- to go out on my own and open my own recruiting organization. What that position gave me was critical information that makes my organization successful everyday!

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, really emphasizes finding and focusing on your long-term happiness in your career life. Both Tony and social media enthusiast, Gary Vaynerchuk, believe that every step throughout your professional careers will eventually lead you to your ultimate goal- if you can take away something new to further develop your skills to reach your passion.

Searching for your higher purpose in every career opportunity that you have will hold throughout time, will help you lead your way to your ultimate happiness doing what you’ve always wanted to do.  The road can be bumpy, but remember to enjoy the journey regardless and I am confident you will one day hold that job that is your true passion!

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