5 Lessons to WOW Your Customer

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Ever have that spectacular customer experience that made you stop and say, “WOW” to yourself? Did it change your thoughts about the company and willing to share your experience with your friends?

After reading the book about positive customer experiences, “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, Zappos! CEO, I came across my own positive experience. In the book, Tony talks about how his employees’ main passion is to give the customer a “WOW” moment. This WOW moment pertains to giving the customer more than they could ever want, by going above and beyond without them expecting more. For example, providing them with extra product knowledge or giving a customer an upgrade at no charge.

Lesson #1

Extra care= stronger relationships

These small acts of kindness have sky-rocketed the Zappos brand throughout the years, in which Tony has formed a dedicated team to maintain and enhance his core company values. What brought the Zappos brand so far was word of mouth communication between the customers. Tony has found the right winning formula by focusing on the customer.

Lesson #2

Everyone has a voice that can make a difference- make sure that the best image gets around

My personal WOW experience could be right out from the ‘Delivering Happiness’ book.  Ordering shoes online, I was confused about the shipping and return process, and decided to call the customer service line for more information. I was worried that I would get an employee on the other line that just didn’t care. What I actually found on the other end was the most upbeat employee I could ever imagine! They were open and honest about the product from personal experience and provided me more help than I could ever expect.

Lesson #3

In customer service, keep in mind that everyone should have a smile after their experience

An employee not focused on great customer service would’ve just told me, “No we don’t take returns on the wrong size,” and hang up. Yet, the employee I talked to (my WOW factor in the whole equation) put me in shock with a big smile on my face after I hung up. I couldn’t have been any happier over such a tiny detail in the consumer decision making process. I was even thrilled to share the event with my friends. What great PR for the company!

Lesson #4

There is a bigger impact than you think, even if it’s subconscious

Another WOW moment was at Staples, when I couldn’t find a specific paper product. Ever have a typical sales employee just lead you to the product then walk away? This employee took me to the product, asked me questions to find a best fit, and didn’t leave my side until I was on my way to the checkout satisfied.

Lesson #5

Listening to the needs of the customer develops mutual trust

This makes me wonder why people only come across a “WOW” employee every so often- why isn’t it every day? It’s such a critical factor to the success of a company and the brand, that outstanding customer service/satisfaction should be the norm rather than the exception. One small step to WOW someone can turn them into a life-time customer, rather than a one-time shopper.

Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Coordinator at Whiting Consulting.

Photo credit: LynxDesign.net


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