GenYired: Productivity & Time Management

Coffee Cup and Clock
Wednesday, that hump everyone wants to get over smoothly in the middle of their week. Here are a few posts to help you become more organized with your time, and some statistics on productivity.

1. Which Workers Are the Most Addicted to Coffee?

Ah, the smell of coffee in the morning! Millions of workers each morning start off with a coffee on the way to work to feel refreshed and alert. Can coffee really affect the quality of productivity? A recent national survey was conducted by and Dunkin’ Donuts and provides the statistics of which American workers need their daily dose of coffee.

2. Smart Time Management Tips and Tricks

Not realize time slipping away at work if you accidently get sidetracked? Here are thirty valuable time saver tips to practice at work. A little awareness will help you go a long way in reaching your peak productivity mode!

3. Ten Ways Workers Waste Time Online

Social sites keep expanding, and so do workers minutes spent using them at work. According to the IT staffing firm, Robert Half Technology, last year 54% of companies were banning the use of social networking sites. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Other online time waster activities include games and email. 24/7 Wall St. researched that workers spend 20-22 hours of online time per week, and a quarter of that is spent on personal web use.

4. Tips for Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time

The work day can be a long one with all the effort put into it, when you are not updating your Facebook page, that is. Here are a few small reminders of how to maintain your energy in the office.

5. Effective People Know When to Work and When to Rest

Need to prevent yourself from another mental burnout? Establish finish lines for yourself whenever possible, which can help turn you into a more efficient worker.

Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Coordinator at Whiting Consulting.

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