My Boss is My Hero

Boss Day, Mug

I think one of the hardest jobs in life and one of the most rewarding opportunities is being able to be called the “Boss”. It may not be the most glamorous title but with it comes tremendous amount of responsibility.   Bosses also make mistakes, because I had meant to post this blog on Saturday, but could not get to it until today.  Oh well, I tried!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine shared with me her story about her Manager. She called him her Hero. It actually made me pause, not many people today describe their manager in such a fashion. After my son came out of his bedroom Saturday morning and said “Mom, did you know tomorrow was Boss’s Day?”…I ran into a friend this morning and ask her if I could share her story.

This person I truly respect, she is always extremely positive and when you call her with a question or a problem she is always right there with a solution or a smile! She explained to me when she was right out of school she was interviewing at various companies.  They loved her background but told her she did not yet have the necessary experience for her profession. Then one day she met Jon and he took a chance on her…..Later in her life she was again looking for a new job….heard Jon was looking for a role within his organization, when Jon heard she was looking, he hired her on the spot, trained her in a new skill and now they have been working together ever sense.

Since Jon took a chance on my friend – she forever calls him her Hero and will go the extra mile for Jon for all the great things he has done for her career.

I have been lucky in life that I have had the opportunity to work for several great people. They have given me the skills and knowledge to be where I am today, and while working for them it did not feel like work! So this blog I dedicate to Maureen Isenberg (who took a chance on me right out of school and introduced me to the world of Recruiting and Craig Gamble who took my knowledge of recruiting and took it to the next level). Craig and I hired over 150 folks in one year.  He made this huge task a tremendous learning experience for me that given me the methodology and leadership to help my clients today!

To Maureen and Craig: I am forever grateful! Happy Boss’s day!

2 Responses

  1. Hello Chernee,

    I too have been lucky to have great bosses. Some of them were pretty tough, and although I didn’t know it at the time they provided me with life long lessons. In an effort to thank them, I “pay it forward” by mentoring today’s young managers. It has become a passion of mine.

    Thank you,
    John Halter

    • Thanks John for your comments. You idea of paying it forward it a great way to say thank you to past managers! Thanks for taking time to read the blog! Have a great day.

      Best –

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