GenYired: Top Weekly Posts

What does it take to impress people during your interview? This week’s GenYired consists of posts that include how Millennials are preparing to ace their next job interview, and which of their qualities they need to highlight during the interview. Other posts include statistics of how Millennials view job searching and what they look for before taking on a new position, and just how Gen Y can change our future.

1. How Important is Business Etiquette?

85% of success in getting a job is having the right people skills, states Etiquette Coach Patricia Fitzpatrick. CNN uncovers just why etiquette classes are gaining popularity with Generation Y, and how it plays into getting a job.

2. Generation Y in the Workplace

What does Gen Y look for when considering a new career? Over time, the statistics of what young employees want from their job have drastically changed. An infograph posted by Keith Petri highlights what Gen Y values from a company and a position. Where do you stand amongst the other Millennials?

3. Top Transferable Skills Web Sites

One big take-a-way from college I learned is always continuing to enhance your transferable skills. Dr. Mary Askew in the Recruiters Lounge reviews all the transferable skills from management and analyzing, to leadership and communication skills. Find out what other skills you need to bring with you to any new position.

4. How Millennial Women are Shaping Our Future

Lindsay Pollak conducted research on Millennial women, and found that more than half of those surveyed have no long-term goals. Using mentors for extra advice in their careers, majority of millennial women feel the most pressured to succeed now, more than they ever did before.


Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Coordinator at Whiting Consulting.

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