GenYired: Interview Preparation

The most critical step in the process to impress the future employer with everything you got. Do you feel a little hesitant or nervous? Are you not sure what to expect? These three articles focus on the little things you could possibly miss when preparing for the big day.

1. Do You Dread the Phone Interview?

Phone interviews can be less common, but still as important as any other interview. With all of the social networking tools available to us today, we can lose our ability to effectively communicate over the phone properly. This article from Careerealism will help prepare you to overcome your fear of the phone.

2. 21 Ways to Avoid Job Interview Anxiety

Some of these pointers job seekers tend to forget about before they’re put on the spot. From advice on how to be fresh for the interview, to ways to help you WOW the interviewers- this article is a must read before any interviews are scheduled!

3. Battling Impossible Interview Questions

Here’s a twist from The Work Buzz on unique questions companies ask their job seekers, as more of a test than a question to be answered. These questions are strange and goofy, but can help express your logic and thought processes more clearly to the employer.  Take a look and be prepared, for you might get some of these in your interviews.


Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Coordinator at Whiting Consulting.

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