GenYired: Top Weekly Articles

1. Why Generation Y Doesn’t Fear the Lousy Job Market

Despite the few jobs available in today’s market and the reduced grad school applications, millennials are still optimistic as ever, stated by Penelope Trunk. Gen Y are go-getters looking for success and the American Dream!


2. A Timeless Debate, or are We Just Wasting our Time?

With Generation Y increasingly entering the workplace, Alanah Throop has two sides to the Gen Y debate. With millennial’s addiction to the most advanced technology, the workplace will have to keep up with us. On the other side, millennials aren’t the ones changing the workplace, but the workplace will change them.

3. Gen Y Marketing Trends Point to Twitter, Not Facebook

Since Twitter is such a large open network compared to Facebook, Gen Y on Twitter is a prime target for companies to market their products. Millennials want these companies to be authentic and transparent.


Post written by Julie Skowronek, Marketing Coordinator at Whiting Consulting.

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