Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

I have never been the type of person that sets New Year Resolutions…..However I do set goals for myself all the time and do believe with a New Year comes a New Beginning.

With 2010 being an unusual, and at times challenging year for me, I thought it would be good to put together some goals of what I would like to accomplish this year!  I do have to say I was never more excited to see a year come to an end and a “New” Year to begin!New Year's

As I look forward to this New Year, these are my goals for 2011:

As our lives become more and more busy, and as my kids and life demands become more and more, I would like to carve out more time for me and my family. It will be important to me to have quality family time with my Hubby and my Kids; something that did not happen much in 2010.  That time can manifest itself as a great family vacation, or, our ability as a family to sit down with some quiet time each evening to share what happened in our day and how I can help them the next day.

I would like to become more streamlined. I still love the idea and feel of a notebook or journal but as the world becomes more mobile and as I travel more, the need for me to have tools in place to make information accessible has come to a head. So after 15 years the notebook in my brief case is no more and I carry an iPad instead. I have started using Evernote and love it!! I can access it everywhere and it has been my dream to sit down and quickly make an update and with this tool I can.  I encourage you to check out Evernote …it is a wonderful eye opener.

I would like to enjoy time more…I am not a patient person and my job is all about deadlines but I would like to take the time to enjoy the moments in my life that are quiet to reflect on the day ahead – to take the time to both enjoy what I accomplished and plan for what is to come.

I want to continue to evolve our already strong brand.  We work very hard at ensuring both our clients and candidates have the best possible experience with Whiting Consulting.  I want to look for ways to strengthen that.

I want to attend more industry events both within our space as well as within the space of our clients to further learn about their worlds!

Most of all have fun and embrace the passion that I feel about my life and the work that I do.  I have aggressive goals for our corporation this coming year and in order to achieve those I need to embrace what we want to be as an organization and live that every day.

What goals have you set for yourself this year?  How do you handle the work/life balance equation to succeed?  I would love to hear from you!


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