Slowing down by Speeding Up

It is early morning and I am on vacation skiing with my family! We rented this
great condo and for the first time we can ski right outside our door….which
is awesome!

We are vacationing with my parents and I was on the ski lift with my Dad
yesterday and he turns to me and says “I don’t have a single worry, I am
completely stress free, Cher what is your stress level…” I thought for a
moment and said “right now Dad I am 8 out of 10” I am feeling pretty good. We
were heading up the mountain to go to some easier trails, the sun was out, it
was not too cold and the view was breathtaking….why not be stress free?

Over the next couple of days I am going to be trying to make a conscious
effort to live in the moment and enjoy the time. I think in most people’s
lives right now time has turned out to be the enemy because we don’t have
time. Speaking for myself, pretty much every minute of my day is accounted
for…and to be honest that gets tiresome and frustrating.

I think it is important to take breaks away from your job…even at the ski slope everyone seem plugged in – on their phones…texting or surfing away…is that really necessary? Especially when you are going down a hill like 50 miles an hour? Do we always have to be “on or plugged in..?” So this my be a shocker…but for the next couple of days I am leaving my phone at the Condo, I am choosing to enjoy the “Free time” that I have….live in the
moment and enjoy being stress free…..

Have a great winter break…..and enjoy taking some time out of your life to be

PS – I did it! I was so unplugged that I did not open my computer to post this blog till we returned. It was wonderful not to open outlook for 5 days and guess what? I survived….so it can be done!! Hope you had a great break!


2 Responses

  1. I certainly agree there is a beautiful world out there; snow falling; kids sledding, skiing, skating, and just, rolling in that wonerful snow OUTSIDE!
    “Unplugging” your family is difficult when so many facinating tools-toys are available, but it is certainly, worth the effort!
    Here is the irony: above picture taken on “Kodak SLICE”; sent via email; message typed on the”Nook”!

  2. You reminded me of an post from a year or two ago. Time off seems unthinkable for executives and professionals, but it’s actually realistic, if not downright necessary! Glad to hear you had a nice break.


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