7 Ways to Build Unbreakable Trust

Admit it. We’ve all did it before, even subconsciously- make snap judgments of people. First impression IS everything, but how do you convince a stranger away from the negative impressions and leave a trusting one? I heard author Nicholas Boothman speak on CBS Morning News about his book, Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less. Curious, I wanted to give it a read, and found that it gives the best advice for making those first few seconds of meeting someone into a lasting relationship builder.

Ever walk into an interview or a networking event and thought of any of the following:

-Just be yourself

-Don’t be nervous

-I hope they like me

If your mind only focuses on these few examples and not what you’re doing, it can start you off in the wrong direction for your first impression. By leveraging the seven pointers below from Nicholas Boothman that will all change! Continue reading

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