Job Seekers: The Phone is Back – 5 Phone Etiquette Tips

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Today there are so many ways to communicate with one another:  texting, social media tools, IM etc. Rarely do we have to use a phone to have a verbal conversation….Where I am getting with all this is that folks are forgetting how to leverage the phone for success during the interview process.

For many years, companies would have candidates come into the office from the beginning of the recruitment process…that is no longer the case.  For most candidates the first interview takes place over the phone…but even before that first phone interview is scheduled you need to be aware of how you come across over the phone.

The first impression no longer happens when you walk into the office- it happens with that first initial call.  Here are some phone etiquette tips to make a successful first impression: Continue reading

Taking the Fear Out of the Question: “What is Your Weakness?”

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In a recent #jobhuntchat, the topic of the night was on interviewing. A question came up of “Which questions scare you the most?” Many of the tweets were focusing on the “What is your weakness?” question. There are so many ways to answer this question.

Some vote that there shouldn’t be a weakness question at all, because no one is perfect. Others worry about if they will be judged personally by what kind of answer they give. With so many points of view to this sticky question, everyone’s fear has been bottled up.

Well, let’s take the fear out of this question. Continue reading

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