GenYired: Interview Preparation

The most critical step in the process to impress the future employer with everything you got. Do you feel a little hesitant or nervous? Are you not sure what to expect? These three articles focus on the little things you could possibly miss when preparing for the big day.

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Are you listening?

Interviewing can be stressful for everyone. But one of the most important things to do when you are in an Interview is LISTEN. In feedback that I have been receiving from clients today is that candidates right now are not listening to the questions that are being asked. They are just diving into why they are the right fit for the job.
Make sure you listen to the questions that are being asked and answer the question is a direct way back. Too wordy of an answer or giving too many examples are not recommended as well. I always pick on my husband when I am listening to him on the phone; he is constantly repeating himself and telling the person over and over again the same point. You need to make sure you give people the information they are looking for as directly as possible.
For example:
The job is for an Accounting Manager within the Recruiting field.
Why are you interested in this job?
Well I need a job, and I have 15 years of experience and have had an excellent track record throughout my career and feel that all my skills I could really leverage to the success of this organizations and I really believe that all my skills can be utilized in this role.
What the person is looking for is:
I have been really impressed by the brand that your company has within the Industry and with my 15 years of experience I can leverage my background and help leverage the success of this company through their recruiting efforts.
This answer is short and sweet, lets the person doing the interview know why you want to work for them, how your experience can benefit the role and make them successful.
So make sure you read your audience and listen to what they ask. Verify that your answer is what they are looking for.

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