Guest Post: Multimedia – Breaking the Resume Mold in the 21st Century

Qualified candidates are regularly overlooked, and for the simplest of reasons: they didn’t plug the right combo of buzzwords into their resumes. Candidates are taking things into their own hands. In an attempt to circumvent the keyword-laden resume game, job seekers are adopting a more creative approach to captivating recruiters. Rather than dropping the resume altogether, the trend seems to be more focused on breaking away from over-automation and a return to the heart of what makes a good hire.

Laurie Barkman of The Resumator explains, “We’ve been told for a long time, ‘This is how you do recruiting, and here’s what matters,’ but organizations are now more interested in interactions that help to determine a good fit. And more nimble organizations are looking at people beyond the resume.”

All of that sounds nice, sure, but what’s working and what’s not? There are certain guidelines that you should always follow when submitting a resume regardless of mode of delivery, but are candidates simply covering up mistakes with aesthetics? If you ask me, resumes and the mulitmedia techniques being used are essentially marketing tools–and the function they serve isn’t changing. As Barkman states, “The question you have to ask yourself is, ‘Can multimedia enhance that message?’” If the answer is yes, there are four channels a candidate can tap into to accomplish this:

1.    Adding a Face and Voice with Video. By replacing a cover letter with a quick video pitch, job seekers can showcase skills and abilities lost in translation in a traditional resume. As Bruce Hurwitz of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing says, “Video can increase my confidence in a candidate’s ability to successfully interview–Is she professional? Is she articulate?–or eliminate a candidate from consideration.” Of course, time is money, and candidates need to give recruiters a reason to keep watching. My advice: personality is great, but don’t get too cute. Balance is key.

2.    Bringing Flat Resumes to Life with Infographics. Breaking out of the traditional resume template isn’t easy without a degree in design. But presenting a recruiter with a more visually stimulating overview of experience and qualifications can go a long way in setting a candidate apart. Thankfully, it doesn’t take an Adobe Illustrator savant to turn a boring old resume into an interesting infographic. Not only are these easy to create, but they’re easy to share across multiple channels.

3.    Showing Off on Personal Blogs. Blogs are an excellent platform for candidates to showcase their hobbies, writing and communication skills, and general interests. Think they’re just for marketing candidates? Think again. Even a meat cutter at Whole Foods can run a successful butcher blog to establish expertise and share experience with an avid audience. And candidates for and candidates for artistic positions can showcase their portfolio of work.

About the Author: Kyle Lagunas is the HR Analyst at Software Advice, a resource for selecting a talent management or an applicant tracking system. Kyle reports on trends and best practices in HR and recruiting software—offering fresh insights into the ho-hum of people processes. For further reading, you can find this article in full on his HR blog.

Director of Marketing (New York, New York)

Whiting Consulting is searching for a stellar Director of Marketing to join our client’s high-impact team, which is on a relentless mission to revolutionize online recruitment advertising. This position offers the opportunity to make tangible, highly-visible contributions to their success and will report directly to the company’s CEO. If you are a passionate marketing professional who relishes crafting value propositions, competitively and efficiently positioning products/services, and amplifying an organization’s awareness in the marketplace, then we want you to join their team! The Director of Marketing will develop impactful marketing strategies and tools, in context of the four-P’s, in order to drive measurable business impact for our client and their network affiliates.

The candidate must be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to develop marketing strategies across the four-Ps.
  • Entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, and creativity in achieving objectives.
  • Leadership and self-organization skills in developing, organizing, and executing objectives.
  • Stellar written and verbal communication skills.
  • Fact-based, premise-building supported by strong analytical ability that embraces data.
  • In-depth sales and marketing techniques with ROI clarity.
  • The ability to communicate cross-functionally with the executive team, management peers, and internal and external customers.
  • Accountability through performance metrics and process efficiency.



  • Serve as a key member of the executive team and help set the company’s strategic direction.
  • Spearhead global marketing initiatives that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy.
  • Manage contract negotiation with marketing-related vendors.
  • Manage the company’s marketing communications strategy and plan, including PR, newsletters, etc.
  • Plan and oversee advertising and promotion activities.
  • Coordinate market research and adjust marketing strategy to meet landscape and competitive conditions.
  • Monitor industry and competitor developments monthly in a structured analytical manner.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent corporate image and brand throughout product, promotional materials, events, and corporate website.
  • Develop marketing tools/collateral for the New Business Sales team.
  • Develop marketing tools/collateral for the Affiliate Development team.
  • Ensure effective control of marketing results, and take corrective action to manage the achievement of marketing objectives within budget.
  • Develop and manage the marketing department’s operating budget.
  • Identify and facilitate appropriate trade association relationships and trade shows at which to promote the company.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.
  • Prepare and deliver periodic marketing update reports in an executive team setting.



  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Marketing or Business, with a minimum of five (5) years of related experience managing a Marketing function.
  • Experience with and interest in strategic marketing communications is a must.
  • Previous marketing experience in an Internet and/or software context.
  • Deep understanding of the online space.
  • Experience with Internet delivered services or products.
  • Experience with social marketing.
  • Experience with sales automation and analytics tools.
  • Understanding of online advertising.
  • Understanding of the recruitment advertising and or HR space a plus.
  • Experience with Ad Tech, Ad Network, and/or Digital departments of Traditional media entities a plus.
  • Experience in working in a startup environment a double plus. The candidate must thrive in a start-up environment and embrace navigating through constant change productively.
  • The individual should possess a demonstrable, process-driven approach to developing his/her own marketing management process, taking into account the organization’s priorities and proactively reaching for stretch goals.

When applying for a position, send your resume electronically (in Microsoft Word format) to


Please ensure to note the position name in the subject line of your e-mail.

Marcom Manager (New York, New York)

Whiting Consulting is seeking for a highly-motivated Marcom Manager for our client in the New York City area. This individual will report to VP of Marketing and will be responsible for running day-to-day marketing communication activities including PR, AR, Social media, Events management and more.


  • Develop and execute marketing communication programs to drive awareness, support demand generation and assist sales in closing deals.
  • Provide initiative, creativity and content for marketing collateral, including sales tools, product presentations, product demos, white papers and blog posts.
  • Manage the company’s social media profiles to collect data and feedback from the marketplace while generating leads, increasing organic traffic and establishing thought leadership positioning for Company.
  • Full responsibility on the Company’s website including content development, management of 3rd party designers, implementation of SEO practices, tracking and measuring success and producing periodic analytic reports.
  • Develop tradeshow strategies and execute from concept to completion.
  • Keep up-to-date on technology trends, developments & best practices.
  • Requirements

  • At least 3 years experience in Marcom for high-tech companies, with experience in planning and executing Marcom strategies.
  • Preferred: at least 2 year-experience in an internet services company.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or technical field, or equivalent work experience…
  • Outstanding written and oral communications skills.
  • Demonstrated delivery of world-class materials – collateral, presentations, advertising, etc..
  • High level of creativity and initiative.
  • Strong graphical sense and knowledge of mainstream graphic/web programs (Photoshop, Flash, etc.)
  • Preferred: experience in e-commerce.
  • Apply by sending your resume to

    MARKETING PROGRAMS MANAGER (Boston, Massachusetts)

    As a Marketing Programs Manager, you will be responsible for developing innovative marketing programs that drive demand. Attention to detail and an eye for quality, along with the ability to come up with creative memorable campaigns is crucial. In your role as the Marketing Programs Manager, you will be responsible for executing and managing highly-targeted marketing programs that generate demand for our client’s products and services, drive revenue, and build their Company brand.


  • You will be responsible for managing marketing programs from concept to program execution and post-program evaluation.
  • Coordination and execution of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns including, but not limited to: Target / key account penetration, Email nurturing campaigns, Online advertising (Google Adwords), Online events / sponsorships / webinars, Website SEO, Social media campaigns, Tradeshows / Conferences.
  • Collaboration on and development of demand generation plans, programs, and campaigns.
  • Creating campaign copy, landing pages, and follow up email responses.
  • Ownership of internal processes for tracking, reporting, and distribution of marketing leads through
  • Program coordination and communication with the inside sales organization.
  • Development of reference and guidance materials for inside sales specific to lead generation campaigns.
  • Reporting on campaign effectiveness and progress to sales and marketing teams.
  • Execute programs on-time and on-budget and evaluate marketing programs against quantitative and qualitative objectives to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Articulate Company’s brand attributes and ensure they are consistently incorporated into all marketing programs.
  • Required Experience and Knowledge

  • BA/BS degree, in Marketing preferred.
  • Minimum of 6 years in a marketing function, preferably in the High Tech Industry.
  • Software industry experience.
  • Excellent project management skills and understanding of lead generation best practices.
  • Experience executing target account, vertical industry campaigns.
  • Online marketing experience – social media, SEO.
  • Proficient with and related marketing automation software applications.
  • Proficient in standard Microsoft programs, Adobe design program (HTML a plus).
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment.
  • Strong communication, organization and multi-task management skills.
  • Ability to work effectively within a group with ‘team spirit’ as well as independently motivated with minimal supervision.
  • Desire to take on additional responsibilities, as needed.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Apply by sending your resume to



    A GenY Perspective on BlogHer ’10

    BlogHer 2010 Conference NYC Hilton New York

    Three months ago at my graduation from college, I would not have believed someone if they told me that I would be attending a women’s blogging conference! Before then, the term “blogging” was not in my vocabulary.  I never thought I would blog to have a voice and influence others. After three months in my current position in social media, I attended the BlogHer 2010 conference in New York City on August 6-7th for women (and a very tiny percentage of men) to share ideas, engage in discussions, and network. This was my biggest networking event to date, and I met a lot of intelligent women (and men!) whom I had the opportunity to have fascinating discussions with.

    BlogHer 2010 Newbie Breakfast NYC Hilton

    BlogHer '10 Newbie Breakfast

    While my mother (who tagged along with me on my adventure to NYC) romped the crowded streets and museums all weekend- I was in panels taking notes on great blogging tips, conversing with other passionate bloggers, and carrying around a 10 lb. SWAG bag that wore out my arm!

    BlogHer 2010 SWAG NYC Sponsors

    A sneak peek into my massive SWAG Bag!

    I never realized before just how many people were passionate about a small, but rapidly growing niche in media, until I arrived and was at the BlogHer breakfast with all the attendees. I’m amazed at how vast the women’s blogging community is, and according to BlogHer founders- it keeps growing dramatically in attendance each year since 2005. This “power of community” feeling was a first experience for me. The vibe was everywhere I looked! Women were helping each other and sharing knowledge of how they can further build relationships and develop the sense of influence for their audience.

    BlogHer 2010 Panel Session Blogging Layout

    BlogHer Panel Session: Good Blog Design- The Role of Layout In an Online Medium

    From the weekend, I reflected upon how everyone had the opportunity to give their “30 second elevator” speech to spark influence– including the brands that sponsored BlogHer. What I learned from my past marketing classes is that women, mothers in particular, have the biggest rate of influence in the economy amongst their friends. I got to experience this ‘influence building’ process first hand by walking around the expo with all the exhibits. All of the brands sent their best representatives to develop a trusting relationship with the women, especially the mothers. They know that the mothers do the most shopping in the household, and therefore have the most influence in the market. By providing information about products and services in person, and sharing the experience of sampling a new product, the brands made a huge and long-lasting impact on the attendees.

    I had the opportunity to speak with the P&G External Relations representative, Anne Westbrook, about how P&G was there to provide helpful content and also become a trusted source for mothers to go to for household products. Their focus was on the kids who grow and develop with these products, and also the focus on the “look and feel” of products such as: Crest, Febreze, Tide, Olay, Pantene, and Scott Tissues. P&G realized that the consumers at BlogHer have bigger voices being a part of the media as bloggers and brand advocates, which influence a large community both online and in-person.

    From a GenY perspective, it was wonderful to meet so many experienced bloggers and learn how they got to where they are now within the social media community. Never before have I seen in action the power of influence and word of mouth to such a large degree! The impact which one voice has is immense, once that trusting relationship is established at such events as BlogHer.

    Are YOU Part of the WOM Hiring Craze?

    Are you addicted to the internet and DVR? We now live in an era where information is delivered instantly for consumers. Unfortunately, for traditional advertisers, they are starting to see a shortened runway with 48% of Millennials influenced more by word of mouth than traditional ads, according to Mr. Youth at Intrepid. Fortunately, companies today can funnel that money and funds into another vital resource.

    Millennials have grown up with technology and instant information. We are dependent upon our connection with the world, and therefore are starting to become influencers for many companies trying to reach us online. Forget the TV, newspaper, and magazines! We’re all glued to our computer chairs or our phones following everyone and everything on Twitter and online news outlets. Mr Youth and Intrepid stated that 43% of Millennials prefer WOM to gather more product information.

    Thriving companies have adjusted and adapted their strategic plan with the changing technology. Companies that have gained a competitive advantage over their rivals have implemented the word of mouth method through the Millennials, who love personal connections and can’t get off of their smart phones or computers. This method can lead to a more successful hiring process for organizations and employee referral programs. So why don’t more companies leverage their staff in the same way for hiring their talent?

    Continue reading

    MARKETING ASSOCIATE (New York, New York)

    A pioneering, word-of-mouth marketing company is seeking a Marketing Associate to assist with production of unique Web-based marketing events and promotions. The Marketing Associate will work with other B-to-B project managers, B-to-C project managers, as well as any internal technical and creative teams to produce national marketing events. In some cases, the Marketing Associate might be working with clients.


  • Work with a variety of web-based tools to schedule and produce events.
  • Maintain and create timelines.
  • Manage microsite launches: Ensure all creative assets, media, and content are uploaded and accurate.
  • Manage ongoing microsite content: Set up, schedule and post blogs, FAQs, emails, and polls. Update branded and featured media as needed. Deploy SMS campaigns as needed.
  • Data reporting: Generate and manage event database lists. Maintain and update event data. Provide data reporting for specific client inquiries. Generate and analyze system reports.
  • Takes on special projects and assignments as needed.
  • Skills

  • 1-3 years business experience (in one of the following: marketing, analysis, operations, or on-line media)
  • Comfortable with Web-based applications and online multimedia.
  • Experience with Web-based production and Web 2.0 concepts.
  • Able and willing to adapt to new situations, challenges, and job duties as required.
  • Able to work with or without structure.
  • Ability to multitask and attention to details is a must.
  • Ability to work on the fly and adapt to new vendor systems.
  • Good oral and written communication skills required.
  • Good understanding of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Proficient with Excel (formulas and functions), Word, and Powerpoint.
  • Some working knowledge of HTML a plus, but not required.
  • Apply by sending your resume to

    COMMUNITY MANAGER (New York, New York)

    Whiting Consulting is seeking a Community and Social Marketing Specialist to work in our client’s fast-paced, collaborative environment to develop their social marketing strategy and grow their community. The ideal candidate is an energetic, creative multi-tasker with editorial and business acumen and is able to follow and translate social marketing trends into actionable, measurable solutions.

    As the Community Manager you will act as the eyes, ears, and voice of the membership, and you will oversee the daily management of several channels related to member communication, event implementation, proactive management of the member experience and reporting. You need to have established credentials in the social space, either personally or able to demonstrate work on behalf of a brand(s). A marketing focus is also needed, in terms of understanding the behavior of a group and creative in the sense that you have a good eye and know good behavioral and visual stimulant.


  • Lead and implement a social marketing strategy for the thriving and rapidly growing Company community of members.
  • Inspire and foster conversations within the community, increase traffic, drive membership, and boost engagement and UGC.
  • Write regular updates for our social sites: Facebook pages/groups, Twitter, site blogs, etc.
  • Deliver high-impact campaigns that meet the Company’s B2C and B2B goals.
  • Create dedicated channels, but also indentify one-off implementations to meet client needs.
  • Monitor the Company’s presence in the social space, identify opportunities to respond to and/or issues of member interest.
  • Create an information flow process to help facilitate learnings, address customer issues, and leverage customer knowledge.
  • Stay current in social marketing tools and industry trends.
  • Educate and tutor the various departments as how to make best use of the Company’s strategies and platforms.
  • Establish/oversee blogger affiliate program; recruit and maintain relationships with bloggers across all strategically-identified verticals/segments.
  • Develop measurement plans and own all associated metrics.
  • Reqirements

  • Hands-on work experience in Web communications and related to social media platforms.
  • Must have relevant blogging experience.
  • Must have relevant experience utilizing social media platforms (such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Ning, Twitter and others) and be able to expand knowledge to mobile applications and widgets.
  • Demonstrated excellence in writing and editing, specifically writing for the digital environment.
  • Undergraduate degree in communications or related field or equivalent years of experience required.
  • Apply by sending your resume to

    Associate Producer (New York, New York)

    Whiting Consulting is looking for an Associate Producer for our client in the New York City area. The Associate Producer position is a supporting role to the Senior Producer staff member. The primary focus of this position is to support all day-to-day executions for the lifecycle of a promotion working with Internal staff and clients throughout the promotion by maintaining timelines, attending status meetings, working with Web based tools, and ensuring the timely production of deliverables. Internally, the Associate Producer will work directly with creative, customer service, and the technology group.


  • Set up agendas and draft meeting notes for all kick-off and weekly production calls
  • Serve as liaison for fulfillment; communicate with fulfillment vendor, internal Company constituencies, and client contact, as needed
  • Post creative/copy feedback for design team; following up on deliverables internally, as necessary
  • Manage the creative revision process for all copy and assets
  • Obtain client feedback and work with Creative to ensure revisions are made
  • Draft event briefs, detailed timelines, pre-event and post-event surveys
  • Assist Senior Producers to coordinate contests, after-party, sweepstakes and PR efforts
  • Monitor activity on a site that is live for blog trends, issues or noteworthy comments
  • Serve as back-up contact for Senior Producer with internal departments and clients
  • Coordinate party pack production as required
  • Provide regular written and verbal feedback to clients, including daily and weekly reports on screener and web data, blog posts, media highlights and early survey results.
  • Skills and Qualifications

  • 1 – 3+ years of account management and/or marketing experience
  • Minimum of 1 year with Client Interaction
  • Bachelors degree..
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to be proactive and a problem-solver
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Web-savvy and current on Social Media platforms
  • Strong communication skills – Verbal and Written
  • Apply by sending your resume to

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