A Letter to the Workplace

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Dear Workplace,

I recently joined the workforce in May after graduation, and was eager to share my ideas and, more importantly, learn from others in the industry. So far, I have not been labeled “Gen Y” to other workers, but rather seen as a hard worker, excited to excel in my position. With all three generations of employees working together in the workforce today, the labeling of every generation and their negative qualities has gotten out of hand lately… I would like to see the finger pointing stop, that way we can all establish the same goals of accomplishment in the office, and ultimately have fun. Everybody wants to feel trusted and valued in the office – if not, then why go to work at all?

All throughout my schooling years, fellow peers along with the pressures from today’s society, created a strong sense of labeling people from what brands they wear and who they hang out with. I’m sure we’ve all been through this same experience at some point in school. Thinking about it today, I was never into labeling people or purchasing important name brands on my clothes. I talked with everyone, no matter what they wore or who they hung out with. All that mattered to me was having a good positive image and creating an attitude and environment around me to foster great relationships with my peers (with no labels attached). Maybe that’s why today I don’t label generations in the workplace. I see the good that all employees produce in their company to create the best output for everyone in the end. Continue reading

Guest Post: Advancing Your Career Outside of 9 to 5

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Working to advance your career is a job in itself. Unfortunately, it’s just not a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. thing. Ninety percent of people go to their job, grab their coffee mug, do what is asked of them and then leave at 5 p.m. – most of the time it’s probably 4:58 p.m. That means there is a tremendous opportunity for young professionals to fast track their career by being in the 10 percent of people who do just a little more.  I don’t know about you, but I’m young, have way too much energy and have things I want to do in my life and career.  I want to be in that 10 percent!

So, what can we young pros do to make sure we are advancing our career outside of our typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.work day?  Here are some thoughts: Continue reading

GenYired: Top Weekly Posts

What does it take to impress people during your interview? This week’s GenYired consists of posts that include how Millennials are preparing to ace their next job interview, and which of their qualities they need to highlight during the interview. Other posts include statistics of how Millennials view job searching and what they look for before taking on a new position, and just how Gen Y can change our future. Continue reading

GenYired: Productivity & Time Management

Coffee Cup and Clock
Wednesday, that hump everyone wants to get over smoothly in the middle of their week. Here are a few posts to help you become more organized with your time, and some statistics on productivity. Continue reading

6 Tips for a Smooth Transition into the Workplace from College

Two months ago, I started my job only two days after graduation with little time to prepare for the transition of the mentality behind college work to real work. The outside environment didn’t change for me- being right across the street from my college campus. Yet, the working environment did change from a high-stress “Gotta get good grades,” into where every ounce of performance means everything for the success of the company. Here are a few pointers that I have learned in my quick journey from the lecture hall to my office desk: Continue reading

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